A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Stick Figure Battle Simulator is a restriction-free sandbox game in which you can create levels, then place armies of active ragdoll stick figures to battle it out with each other.

The game is not finished yet, but you can expect it to release sometime between early and mid 2023.

The current gameplay trailer is a bit outdated. Sorry.

Drag with the middle mouse button to pan the camera. Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom. Press the buttons at the top to select objects to spawn. Press the E key to spawn the objects. When dragging an object, press Q to delete it. Platforms can be rotated with R and scaled with the up/down arrows. When dragging a stick figure, you can press K to kill it, press L to revive it, or right-click to freeze its limb in place. Pressing Z deletes all dead bodies from the world.

Since I can't afford to purchase advertising, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share my game with your friends and hype them up for its release, if they'd be interested. Thank you. ^-^

If you have the time, you can submit feedback at https://forms.gle/cdwJ1sPg5TYzr5SQA.


Windows (x64) 35 MB
Version 4 50 days ago
Linux (x64) 15 MB
Version 3 50 days ago
OSX (x64) 29 MB
Version 4 50 days ago

Install instructions

Extract the downloaded ZIP file onto your desktop and run the app to play the game.

Tip: OSX users might need to allow internet-downloaded applications to run in their security settings.

Development log


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make it broswer


Pretty entertaining, and being into stickpage as a kid makes this game a dream come true. Hope to see this game grow in the future! you rock!

Thank you so much! This comment has made my day. ❤

The game is absolutely inspired by those classic stick figure animations, and especially Animator vs. Animation. I plan to eventually add some way that the stick figures can interact with the mouse cursor, and maybe even have a duel with it. XD